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 Kathryn's Characters

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PostSubject: Kathryn's Characters   Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:31 pm

Name: Hayden Allistair

Age: 11

House: Slytherin

Personality: Hayden is a very loving, loyal, and sweet individual with a witty and sarcastic side. She can be a big mouth, telling people exactly what she thinks of them, which can hurt others feelings at times. She is an overachiever in everything she does, always wanting to be the best, which usually pays off. She is a dreamer, often daydreaming, and finds her dreams often don't make much sense to her.

History: Hayden grew up in Scotland with her parents and older brother. She was always very close with her parents, who were both proud Ravenclaws, but never seemed to get along with her Slytherin brother. He was very distant, never spending much quality family time with the rest of them, so when he disappeared just after his fifth year at Hogwarts it almost didn't surprise her. The only question was "where had he gone?" Her parents were worried, but for some reason she wasn't, knowing wherever he was he must have been happier. It angered her more than worried her. How he could just do that to their parents, who had worked so hard to take care of him these past fifteen years, was just something outlandishly crazy to her.
She wasn't sure what house she would be in upon arriving at Hogwarts, but whatever house it may be, she was excited to see what the future held for her.
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Kathryn's Characters
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