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 Castiel's Characters

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PostSubject: Castiel's Characters   Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:45 pm

Name: Argyle Dominic Ryan
Age: 29
Background: Argyle was born in raised inside Boston, Massachusetts to a Caucasian father and Korean mother. He was raised very disciplined, influenced by both his mother's culture and father's own upbringing as a military child, and was a very good student through his school years. He has an IQ of 151 and is very interested in the world of science. When he graduated high school at the age of 16, he continued feeding his interest in Botany and Entomology by working towards a Bachelor's Degree, with a minor in Social Psychology. He graduated with honours at the age of 25, after getting his PhD, and applied to be a part of the FBI. His uncle, Max Ryan, had been a large part of the FBI for many years and had always been an idol of his. During his teen years, he had spent a week out of the summer visiting with him in Virginia and fell in love with the atmosphere. So when he was approved for the Academy, he and his family couldn't have been more thrilled. When he was officially an agent of the Bureau, his life began to unravel. His boyfriend of two years had gotten heavily into oxycodone after a surgery, and that opened the door to harder things. He began smoking fentanyl patches and would go through one in a couple of days, which would mean another $300 to get more. At one point, Argyle's boyfriend drugged a drink of his to make it to where he'd be more agreeable and would try the patches. It became a weekly thing, drugging him to in turn get him to smoke the patches with him. There came a time when Argyle was realising that something was happening, but by then he had become dependent on the drugs. When he got suspended at work for irate behaviour, he knew it was time to change his life back around. Regardless of how much pain it would cause him, he was using his suspension to go to a private detox center and coerced his boyfriend to go along. After three days of the treatment, his boyfriend took his own life, which was more of a wake up call for Argyle. He got his life back on track and continued in his position at the FBI for 3 more years. He was offered the chance to apply for a spot in the Behavioural Analysis Unit and he knew this was the opportunity of a life time. He didn't want to have a part of his old life, so something new was exactly what he needed.


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Castiel's Characters
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