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 Kathryn's Characters

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PostSubject: Kathryn's Characters   Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:05 am

Name: Hattie
Age: 15
Background: Hattie grew up in the city of Viridian. Her mother raised her and her four other siblings all by herself. They all took off when they turned 11 on their Pokemon adventures, each with a Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle by their side. She had always dreamed of going off on her own adventure, but a month shy of her 11th birthday her mom came down extremely ill. She hasn't gotten much better and four years later Hattie is still home taking care of her mother.

One day, though, her brother Arden comes home with a gift for her. It's an Eevee that he caught. He had seen her and immediately thought of Hattie. He wants to stay home for a while, take care of their mother, and let Hattie finally leave on her journey. So, with Eevee by her side she prepares to head off through Kanto on her own Pokemon journey.

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Kathryn's Characters
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