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 Outlander RPG

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PostSubject: Outlander RPG   Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:05 am

Ophelia rushed down from the hill, dizzy and disoriented, and unsure of what had just happened to her. Upon touching the center stone at Craigh na Dun she had felt a rush of energy flow through her body, followed by a pulling sensation. At first she thought that maybe the food she had eaten at the pub earlier that day might be making her sick, but upon reaching the bottom of the hill she found herself looking around and noticing something very peculiar. The road that had been here was gone. She looked back and forth, and turned in circles, but there was no sign of the road anywhere.

"What's going on?" She croaked out, suddenly afraid.

The sun was going down and she knew that with the lack of sun there would be cold. She needed to make it back to Inverness, but the walk was long. Her bike, too, had disappeared. She knew she had no choice though and made her way in the direction she knew the town to be. She only prayed she wouldn't freeze before reaching it.
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Outlander RPG
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