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 Castiel's Characters

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PostSubject: Castiel's Characters   Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:55 pm

Name: Flint
Age: 14
Background: Flint grew up in Pallet Town with his older sister and parents. His parents are pokemon breeders and often help new and veteran trainers with their pokemon. Flint was always eager to start his own pokemon journey, but stayed around to help with breeding and raising pokemon at home. His sister had left for her journey when he was 9 years old and always called weekly to fill him in on her wonderful adventures.

When he was 12, she came home to share with him the full stories and also show him sketches she'd made in her journal. When he saw her sketch of a Vulpix, he knew he needed one. She shared her meeting with this pokemon and told him all she knew about it. He begged his parents for two months to find a pair of Ninetails to breed an egg for him. When they finally caved, he couldn't have been happier.

By the time the egg had hatched, Flint was a new boy. He was just hitting puberty and had become more aware of the world, as well as responsibilities. He was still that kind, nurturing, and adventurous boy he had always been, but he was less reckless and more vigilant. He was finally awake, and he was ready to begin his new adventure with his brand new Vulpix, Vixie.

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Castiel's Characters
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